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6           GOOD FOOD              NOVEMBER 2017   Restaurants and Bistros

            by JorgJorg


            A w ard winning wines

            and magnificent setting

                Address:                                       Nestled in a beautiful setting at Narkoojee winery,
                 220 Francis Road, Glengarry                     by Jorg restaurant is a bright and welcoming space
                  (03) 5192 4550                                  where you can enjoy your dining experience with
                                award winning wines and magnificent views of the
                     Open:                                           vineyard and Strzelecki Ranges beyond.
                       Lunch Thursday – Sunday from midday
                        Dinner Friday & Saturday from 6pm              Fresh vegetables and herbs are from the
                                                                        restaurants kitchen garden and local
                          Cuisine:                                      restaurant’s kitchen garden and local
                                                                         produce is sourced for by Jorg’s mooduce is sourced for by Jorg’s m
                           Modern European cuisine
                           Modern European cuisine                       produce is sourced for by Jorg’s modern
                                                                           European cuisine.
                                                                           European cuisine.

                                                 by Jorg at Narkoojee is a stunning venue boasting delicious food
                 Narkoojee Winery                and award winning wines in a gorgeous vineyard setting.
                                                 The perfect location for family celebrations, weddings, corporate
                    Cellar Door is
                                                 presentations and events.
                      open daily
                                                 The menu includes handmade pasta, pizza and antipasti, along
                                                 with a selection of delicious hearty meals.
            220 Francis Road, Glengarry                        |     Phone: 03 5192 4550

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