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Community Christmas Carols 2017 - Page 7

         Christmas time is here!                                             It’s

         Which means a whole heap       no guilt trip or emotional
         of things to a whole heap of   manipulation, it’s simply            Christmas
         people!                        acknowledging what I know
                                        to be true.
         Everyone’s families have
         their own traditions and       The sentences mentioned
         upbringings around the day     are from the bible and the
         of Christmas, which shapes     first is very well known.
         the way we see it.
                                        In the book written by
         For some, it’s a day of        John, in the 3rd chapter it
         feasting and festivities,      says, “God loved the world
         for others it’s a beach        so much that He gave His
         celebration.                   only son, so that whoever
                                        believes in Him will not
         For many people it’s a
         reminder of the loneliness     perish but have eternal life.”
         in their lives or of the       Most of us can work out
         brokenness from missing        what that means, but we
         out on having a family to      often forget the words that
         celebrate with on the day.     follow it. “For God did not
                                        send His Son into the world
         Others don’t celebrate
         Christmas and there are        to condemn it, but to save
         those that find themselves     the world through Him.”
         helping the poor and           This Christmas time,
         destitute on the day as a      whether you celebrate
         part of a missions program.    it or not, know that this
                                        Jesus person came not to
         For all of those things
         and more, I want to share      condemn but to save.
         with the Latrobe V a lley      As Christians, we journey
         community two significant      with Christ to work out how
         sentences that define what     best to be ambassadors of
         this season is all about.      that; that love that saves.

         One that many people           Whatever you’re going
         know, and another that is a    through, God can and will
         lot less familiar.             be there for you.

         As a Christian I find myself   This Christmas, I celebrate
         reading the bible and          the God that saves.
         discovering things about       I encourage you to do the
         myself and about God that      same.
         changes my life and the lives
         of people around me.           Be blessed!
         There is no forcing of         Pastor Andrew Newman
         following rules, there is      Eternity Church
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